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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer (2)

The IPCC technical guideline for assessing climate change impacts and adaptations Carter etal.. 1994 provide generic guidance  to countries to wish to assess their vulnerability to Climate Change. For a range of Socio-Economic and  Physiographic systems.



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As alarm over global warming spreads, a radical idea is gaining momentum. Forget cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions, some scientists argue. Find a technological fix. Bounce sunlight back into space by pumping reflective nanoparticles into the atmosphere. Launch mirrors into orbit around the earth. Create a “planetary thermostat.” But what sounds like science fiction is actually an old story. For more than a century, scientists, soldiers, and charlatans have hatched schemes to manipulate the weather and climate. Like them, today’s aspiring climate engineers wildly exaggerate what is possible, and they scarcely consider political, military, and ethical implications of attempting to manage the world’s climate—with potential consequences far greater than any their predecessors were ever likely to face.




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