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National Policies

National Policies (8)

Pakistan’s draft National Water Policy looks to a future dominated by the impacts of climate change, advocates water pricing and highlights regional cooperation challenges


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National Power Tariff And Subsidy Policy Guidelines 2014


The purpose of this document is to present a National Power Tariff and Subsidy Policy guidelines for the country.
The National Power Policy of 2013 describes sustainability in the power sector as “the underpinning of long term transformation. The principle of sustainability will be grounded on three pillars: low cost energy, fair and level playing field, and demand management. Altering the fuel mix towards less expensive fuels will lead to low cost energy. Investments required for the low cost fuel mix will necessitate rationalization of the electricity tariff. Fairness will be ensured by protecting the poor and cross-subsidizing their consumption from the affluent. A level playing field will be created by providing power at comparable prices to all industrial users. Demand management will be introduced through novel policy, pricing and regulatory instruments.”

Power sector reform in the country is witnessing a progressive tariff rationalization process. As the power sector requires a significant amount of resources to meet current and future customer demand, its ability to attract commercial capital needs to be ensured through relevant policy and regulatory actions. It is in this context that the National Power Tariff and Subsidy Policy guidelines 2014 strikes a balance between the interests of consumers and the interests of providers of capital. The policy enhances predictability and financial viability through the tariff setting process. Lastly, the policy facilitates the growth of competition in the electricity industry.

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Framework for Implementation of Climate Change Policy (2014-2030)

The Ministry of National Food Security and Research wants an early amendment in the Seed Act 1976 in an effort to strengthen the country’s seed laws and effectively control and regulate the quality of seeds of various crop varieties.

Development Policy Failure in Pakistan Institutional and Governance Challenges

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The Ministrt of Climate Change (MOCC) has realsed  National Forst Policy 2015 for public comments and feedback. 

Climate Change Adaptation: Information On Selected Federal Efforts To Adapt To A Changing Climate

(GAO-10-114SP, October 7, 2009), an E-supplement to GAO-10-113

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