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How valid are UK and EU claims to be leading the world in decarbonising their economies? Much of this
answer depends upon how you allocate responsibility for carbon emissions between countries. Under
the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, countries are responsible for carbon emissions
produced within their borders. But in an increasingly globalised world, citizens of wealthier countries are
consuming a growing percentage of goods and services produced in developing countries. Are we simply off‐shoring our carbon emissions? This research note examines the record of, among others, the EU, China and the US from 1990 until 2006 (the most recent year for which data is available). We calculate estimates for the emissions consumed within each country, and compare these to the UNFCCC (Kyoto) carbon production emissions. Carbon consumption includes emissions embedded within traded goods and services. Our analysis makes a number of assumptions and generalisations, but the findings are broadly in line with existing academic findings, where these exist.


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Adaptation policy and practice in densely populated glacier-fed river basins of South Asia: a systematic review

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